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Fly Fishing DVDs rec'ed by volunteers and readers

These Fly Casting DVDs have been viewed and recommended by either our volunteers or our readers as good info on fly fishing, and tying, or outdoors enjoyment ... .

Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting
A new breed of fly fishing videos
This is Lefty's newest DVD on fly casting. He's developed some new exercises to help you become a better caster and a variety of casts that will help you in certain fishing situations. The DVD has an optional 2nd angle viewing on most demonstrations to give you a better understanding on how your body motion affects the motion of the rod and line.
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Scientific Anglers DVD
Introduction to Fly Casting
Fly-casting team Brian and Judith O'Keefe use superb visuals to help you learn basic casting techniques. Presented material covers proper stance, the importance of stroke, 10-to-2 motion, grip techniques and much more. 27 minutes. DVD.
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