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[Home] [Contacts] [Newsletter ] [FlyShop] -- [Back] -- [All US Maps] Like NCFishAndGame on Facebook is an organization dedicated to helping the NC sportsman enjoy and preserve their sport.

NC Fish and GameNCFishandGame is a North Carolina based organization formed to further information about outdoor sporting and particularly fishing in the US. The group had its start in the Raleigh area with strong ties to the Beaufort area. We have decided to concentrate our initial efforts in these two areas. We then working out as the seasons lead us. We all have boats but we increasingly like to fish from the shore or from a kayak or canoe. This shared hobby is what drew us together in the first place. Several of us also hunt and shoot. Professionally we are mostly Electrical Engineers.

We are not a fishing conditions report page. An excellent fishing hole today can get rained on and be completely fishless tomorrow. That hole, if it is really excellent, will soon return and be productive. We have then decided to concentrate on trends, locations, techniques, and the such instead of day-to-day conditions. There are several sites better suited to reporting day-to-day conditions than ours.

Check Regulations We are making great effort to be accurate in our reporting; however, we may make mistakes. Please, always check with your local "Wildlife Office" and other important sites to insure you have the right rules before you hunt or fish. Contact us with any inaccuracy in our site and we will change it as quickly as is possible. Sorry for any inconvenience we many cause if we do err. If you wish to help us out please contact the webmaster. At this time we are keeping the group small so that it is easy to manage.

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This site is manned by volunteers. Writers are anonymous plus we are not people you would have heard of anyway. We are trying to promote general knowledge to the new, but also to the very experienced, sportsman in the US. Please enjoy our great outdoors safely and responsibly and if you can spare -- give to your favorite nonprofit club or organization. Thanks!! Contacts are gladly accepted.

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