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Fly Tying for the Beginner

Freshwater and Saltwater Flies

Tying your own flies is very rewarding and relaxing. There is nothing more rewarding than landing a big trout or redfish lured by one of your own hand tied flies. Tying itself is a great hobby especially in the off season when it is frozen or waters are closed.
We offer several good fly tying tools such as Rite Bobbin and Dr. Slick tools. Also, we have Griffin vises and tools plus Anvil Atlas and Apex vises.

The tools are simple. First, beginners will need a fly tying vice. There have been over the years quite a number of different vice types manufactured. In my opinion, the cam type of vice is the easiest to use. This is a vice that has a cam lever to open and close the jaws. It's adjustable to various angles and hook sizes. Quick and easy to open and close. Many of the inexpensive ones are very good. It will be best if you buy a kit of fly tying tools including hackle pliers, bobbins, and the such. You will also need a decent pair of curved scissors with sharp points and another set with small straight blades.

Once you have tools you will need materials. These days there are some very good fly tying kits with all you will need - spend less than $100 as many of the beginner kits are very good now. Most kits will have an inexpensive vice, passable scissors, pliers, hooks and all the feathers and fur you need to get started. Some even come with videos or DVDs.

Tying your own flies is very rewarding and relaxing. My Doctor evens states that is is good for arthritis - but your doctor may say different. The satisfaction of catching your next big fish on a fly you personally have tied is immeasurable.

Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple
Skip Morris
World-renowned fly tier Skip Morris shares his 30 years of experience in video versions of his popular books. Each video offers 120 minutes of easy-to-follow instruction so that you too can become an expert fly tier. You'll find these videos to be as informative and enjoyable as Skip and his best-selling books. No fly fishing library is complete without Skip Morris' fly-tying videos; start collecting them now. 120 minutes.
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Features "AA" vise Assorted hooks Large bodkin Straight master scissor Fly head cement Assorted thread Assorted bucktails Pearl poly flash Silver and pearl mylar tubing Silver bead chain eyes Gold dumbell eyes Saddle hackle Peacock herl Ultra hair E-Z shape sparkle body
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