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"Must Have" Nymphs:

Much science and angler expertise maintain that 80 to 90+ percent of trout are taken on nymphs as opposed to dries. Many fine fly anglers fish nymphs or streamers until they come upon a targeted fly hatch or rising; then they try to match the hatch with dries. I also do this, plus I most often prospect in unknown water with nymphs. In addition, I fish for many other species including bass and panfish with nymphs. There are many nymphs. Some nymphs you must have, others are needed when the standards are working. Some nymphs are weighted to drop fast in moving water. Other nymphs are unweighted. It is always best to have a broad variety of nymphs in you box; certain nymphs will more consistently produce when there is not a clear choice [A1,A2 ,A3 ]. Nymph size may be as important as would be with dry fishing in many circumstances.

Unweighted version of these classic nymphs. Use them in slow water, when you don't want quick sink, or when you weight with other methods.

Unweighted Nymph Pheasant Tail Nymph

An elegantly simple nymph that imitates may insect species. A standard fly; Fished the world over, it is one of the most productive patterns. Price: $1.25

Unweighted Nymph Prince Nymph

Fished the world over, it is one of the most productive patterns. Often fished on the bounce, the Prince Nymph is an effective, universal pattern. The beadhead is a stalwart in faster waters. Price: $1.25

Caddis Nymph Orange Caddis Nymph

A great version of the orange Caddis Nymph. Very productive when Caddis is active in the right stage and can be used in other circumstances. Price: $1.25

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