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Fishing maps and Information: a Fine Fly Shop offering Flies, Fly Rods and Reels, Tools, and Tying

  • We are trying to keep a good selection of maps for a given US areaFine Fishing

    We consult with the experts in an area, including guides and local experts and users, to determine the best map for an area. In some cases we will try to keep more than one map of an area so there are choices.
  • We continue to add fishing gear and flies

    We offer a good array of rods and reels, including: Echo, Aleka, and will now offer Syndicate rods which are shaking out to be a very fine high-sticking or Euro Nymphing rod. We will also add Readington products soon as well.. We also offer a good variety of tools and fly tying. In addition, we are partnering with a good tackle shop at so we can offer both fly fishing and conventional fishing gear.
  • We have been able to give 10% of our sales (not profit, but sales) to charity

    We are very happy to say we are supporting our causes to our ability.

Fishing maps and Charts

Click on a state to the below and it will take you to available maps. In some case there may be smaller areas within the state so your search can be narrowed. We are supporting all states; some areas and states will a high number of maps just yet; we add more maps weekly.

What's on Now:

Visit our "sister" Tackle Store. TackleTuna is now working and adding product often. will be a complete, full service tackle store in the future. Thanks for shopping there: like NCFishAndGame, is able to donate a substantial amount of sales to charity - more than 10% of sales in 2014.
  • Stripers will arrive further north in Summer. The Jersey shore will see fish earliest in mid-April [A1,A2] and then along Montauk Striper [A1,A2,A3] roughly late April to mid May and will be in Cape Cod [A1] later in May or June.
  • In many areas, Summer trout fishing will be slow; in other areas, the trout fishing will be prime. Finding trout may be as simple as finding colder water. In the south: North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas as examples - colder water can be found higher in altitude or dam releases. Another alternative is to go where it is cooler; more northern states such as New York or Massachusetts in the east and Washington or Montana in the west will make for a productive fish.

What is New or Updated:

  • Echo Fly Fishing Rods and ReelsUpdated pagesWe have added more links to our Smallmouth Fishing page including a couple of new DVDs
  • Updated pagesWe have added two maps of the fabled Upper Connecticut River to our New Hampshire page.
  • Updated pagesWe have updated or Washington page with several new and updated maps. Many of Washington's greatest steelhead rivers are included in the map list now.
  • Updated pagesWe have decided to open a fly shop in North Carolina. To this, we are putting stock on line. We are now stocking Echo Fly Rods and other fly fishing equipment.
  • Updated pagesWe have added several Tennessee maps and made some other modifications.
  • Updated pagesWe have added several new Oregon maps including river maps of the Clackamas, Wilson, Sandy and others that drain into Tillamook Bay. These rivers are very will known for large salmon and steelhead fishing. Several of these maps can be ordered in either a fly fishing and a conventional tackle version. These are very informative maps.
  • Updated pagesWe have added several new Trout Fishing Fly Fishing maps to North Carolina and to Tennessee. Thanks for making suggestions.
  • Updated pagesWe have added the Kansas Wing-shooters guide to the Kansas Hunting page. This is one of the better written and most useful of any of the location specific hunting guides. So far, all who have bought it have been happy.
  • Updated pagesWe added several Tennessee fishing lake maps.We have also added a several very popular New York lake maps and fly fishing maps and books particularly the high popular Fly Fishing the Big Apple.
  • Updated pagesWinter has set in and many are making the move to saltwater fishing in warmer climates. We have updated the Florida and Texas state pages with several new maps. Due to demand we also have a good supply of lakes, waterways, and some rivers in that area as well.
  • Updated pagesWe have updated the California, Oregon, and Washington state pages with several new maps. Due to popular demand we are now carrying several of the Richardson Charts, especially along the West Coast where they are very well used and thought of. We have also added several popular river maps for fly fishing this area.
  • Updated pagesWaterproof Charts are a very fine and detailed charts. They offer charts from all over the US and other areas as well. We have added Waterproof Charts for the Great Lakes and for the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands. We will be adding other charts as time goes on.

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