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WaterProofCharts -- Some of the Best Charts:

WaterProofCharts - Navigation,
Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. A terrific chart for planning and passage making. Especially suited for framing with excellent colors and readability.The large area, small scale side covers from Bermuda South to Barbados, Trinidad and the North coast of South America, and West to the Panama canal and includes the entire East coasts of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatamala, Belize, and Mexico. The reverse side offers more detailed coverage from Florida and the Bahamas South to Jamaica and West to Mexico. A table of GPS coordinates for the major lighthouses is provided. Information from 2 very popular charts: NOAA 411 and DMA 400. GPS Datum.

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Good detailed charts of the area they represent. They are #1 in: Customer Service!!, Best Charts, Nations #1 Saltwater Fishing Charts! Inshore, Offshore and Coastal, Large Print, User Friendly Charts. Whether you are island-hopping in your yacht or fishing in your bass boat, we have the charts you need!

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