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Western Fly Hatch Charts for Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout

Here are some well vetted fly hatch charts for the US Western Regions.

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Floating parachute fliesHere are some well vetted fly hatch charts for the US Western Regions:

Fly Hatch ChartsOrvis Western Fly Hatch Chart - a general western hatch chart

Fly Hatch ChartsBud Lilly's Trout Shop - Major hatches by river

Montana Hatch Charts:

Fly Hatch ChartsJohn Perry's - Montana Fly Fishing Hatch Chart

Fly Hatch ChartsWest Fly - Montana Hatches

Washington Hatch Charts:

Fly Hatch ChartsYakima River Fly Hatch Chart

Wyoming Hatch Charts:

Fly Hatch ChartsJackson Hole Anglers - Jackson Hole Snake River

Fly Hatch ChartsWyoming Rivers - courtesy of

Whenever possible, I like to use patterns that imitate as closely as possible the food the trout are feeding on. Matching the hatch is often the way to do that. There are times, however, when it just isn't practical to match the hatch. Do not be afraid to try something else if "match the hatch" is not producing.

Rainy's Flies
Dries: All Time Favorites (FL901)
This collection contains 30 of the most popular and favorite dry flies ever fished! It includes dries for all conditions of water and offers different flavors for each fish. Definitely a great assortment of traditional mayfly, caddis, and attractor patterns. Good for the beginner just starting out or for advanced anglers stocking up their fly boxes for the season. Flies contained in a nice re-usable, 5 compartment fly box. Contains: Irresistible, PMD,
Renegade, Adams Parachute, BWO Parachute, Elk Hair Caddis, X-Sparkle Caddis, Parachute Caddis, Humpy, Royal Wulff, PMX, Stimulator, Sparkle Dun Biots.
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Rumpf Fly Tying Kit
Premium Tying Kit
Features Model Number: 250 AA vise Bobbin Scissors Instruction book Tinsel Hooks Wax Hackle plier Chenille Head cement Thread Mallard Dubbing fur Peacock herl Poly dubbing Duck quills Marabou floss Streamer neck Pheasant tail Dry fly hackle Deer body hair Saddle hackle
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