Our best pick of high quality, yet reasonably priced, fly tying kits.
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Trout Fly and Saltwater Fly Tying Kits

Rumpf Fly Tying Kit
Saltwater Tying Kit
Features "AA" vise Assorted hooks Large bodkin Straight master scissor Fly head cement Assorted thread Assorted bucktails Pearl poly flash Silver and pearl mylar tubing Silver bead chain eyes Gold dumbell eyes Saddle hackle Peacock herl Ultra hair E-Z shape sparkle body
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Rumpf Fly Tying Kit
Premium Tying Kit
Features Model Number: 250 AA vise Bobbin Scissors Instruction book Tinsel Hooks Wax Hackle plier Chenille Head cement Thread Mallard Dubbing fur Peacock herl Poly dubbing Duck quills Marabou floss Streamer neck Pheasant tail Dry fly hackle Deer body hair Saddle hackle
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