Rainy's Trout Flys
Rainy Flies are very well tied flies packaged in productive selections
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Rainy flies are very productive, high quality flies. Rainy is world known as an innovator in the fly tying art. Well worth the money for their productivity. Many anglers and tiers keep these flys as a reference. Good flies.

Rainy's Flies
Saltwater: Bonefish and Permit Assortment (FL910)
Going to the Bahamas? Or Florida? Or Belize? Then this is the collection for you. This contains 24 of the essential flies needed for bonefish and permit. A great combination of shrimp, baitfish, and crab patterns for these species. These flies represent the top producers and come in a great combination of colors and sizes. Flies contained in a tight, re-usable 6 compartment fly box. Perfect for any destination that has bonefish and/or permit at the end of your line. Includes: Belize Crabs, Merkin Crab, Rainy's Feather-Leg Crab, Crazy Charlies, Christmas Island Special, Minnows, Puffs, Deep Minnows, Gotchas, Missing Links
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Rainy's Flies
Saltwater: Bluefish and Stripers Assortment (FL911)
No matter where you are going, if stripers and blues are in the forecast you need this collection. This 12 pack of baitfish and poppers and the most popular and some of our top-sellers for these species. Definitely a time-tested collection of flies! Both traditional and Rainy's Signature Flies are contained in this very nice hard-plastic, re-usable, fly box designed for longer flies. Includes: Rainy's Signature Pencil Popper, In Shore Poppers, Off-Shore Poppers, Bubble-Head, Squid-Sea Streamers, Deceivers, Sand Eel
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Rainy's Flies
Saltwater: Tarpon Fly Assortment (FL912)
Got tarpon? This is a perfect collection for hunting these silver kings! This collection has 12 flies in the traditional Keys-style, some of Rainy's Signature tarpon flies, as well as some proven saltwater patterns such as double bunnies and whistlers that are excellent for this species. These flies come in a very nice hard-plastic, re-usable, fly box designed for longer flies. All you need for your next tarpon trip.Includes: Double Bunnies, Pinocchio, CD Whistler, Tarpon Shrimp, Rainy's Tarpon Fly, Tarpon Fly Cochroach
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