The fly dropper rig or system is a way to fish two or more flies at one time. Fishing two, or more, flies on a dropper rig will often produce fish when fishing either fly individually will not. They are a pain to maintain in a fly kit though. These boxes are a very good idea for dropper rigs.
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Orvis Dropper Fly Boxes

Rainy's Flies
Rainy's Favorite Hopper/Dropper(FL905)
Double your fishing odds! One of the favorite and productive types of fishing: using a hopper on top and a nymph/wet dropped below. This collection of 18 is designed to give you a great visible hopper on top and a hot producing dropper below. If fish are eating below, they will take your dropper, if the hopper above is on the menu, then you can get them with that. All flies are time tested to be great producers in all conditions. You can even use the hopper as a strike indicator on those days the fish just won't rise to your offering. Collection comes in a sleek re-usable, 4 compartment fly box. Contains: Rainy's Gorilla Hopper, Rainy's Marshmellow Hopper, Rainy's Hi-Viz Hopper, Rainy's Grand Hopper, Rainy's Virus Midge, Rainy's Beadisco Midge, Rainy's Micro Scud, Rainy's Real Meal Nymphs, BH Micro Mayfly, BH Hare's Ear Nymph, BH Pheasant Tail, BH Brassie, BH Copper/Copper
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