The Fly Fishing DVDs have been viewed and recommended by either our volunteers or our readers.
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Fly Fishing DVDs rec'ed by volunteers and readers

Trout Grass
An international journey into the passion of fly fishing
Trout Grass is an evocative journey into the passion of sport and the wonders of fine craftsmanship. The award-winning film examines the origins of the fly-rod--from its beginnings as Tonkin bamboo in remote China, to an intricate workshop in Montana. Following this amazing species of grass around the world, viewers discover a material capable of transmitting power, awareness and love.
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Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple
Skip Morris
World-renowned fly tier Skip Morris shares his 30 years of experience in video versions of his popular books. Each video offers 120 minutes of easy-to-follow instruction so that you too can become an expert fly tier. You'll find these videos to be as informative and enjoyable as Skip and his best-selling books. No fly fishing library is complete without Skip Morris' fly-tying videos; start collecting them now. 120 minutes.
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Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting
A new breed of fly fishing videos
This is Lefty's newest DVD on fly casting. He's developed some new exercises to help you become a better caster and a variety of casts that will help you in certain fishing situations. The DVD has an optional 2nd angle viewing on most demonstrations to give you a better understanding on how your body motion affects the motion of the rod and line.
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How to Fly Fish Series DVD
- Fishing Knots
One of the most important elements of fishing enjoyment is the skill at tying knots. Knots are elementary to fishing whether it's fly fishing, spinning, or bait, and you can learn every know you will need to know, in this DVD. Learn from the vast experience of Outdoor Life Network and ESPN's Fly Fishing Video Magazine hosts, Jim and Kelly Watt along with the expert instruction from author Dick Talleur, guide Lenny Moffo, casting expert Steve Rajeff and the Hooker's first mate Randy Baker. Learn to tie all these knots: Backing to Reel/ Nail-less Nail Knot w/ Steve Rajeff/ Nail Knot Braided Mono Loop/ Surgeon's Loop/ Uni Knot / Albright Knot Leader to Fly Line/ Knots for Leaders/ Blood Knot/ Double Overhand/ Surgeon's Knot/ Nested Nail Knot/ Nested Uni Knot/ Knot Strength test/ Clinch Knot/ Improved Clinch Knot/ Turl Knot w/Dick Talleur/ Mono Loop/ Slip Knot/ Wire Leader Knots/ Haywire Twist/ Albright Combo w/ Lenny Moffo/ Plastic Coated Wire Leaders/ Big Game Fishing Knots w/Randy Baker/ Class Tippet/ Bimini Twist/ Spider Hitch/ Huffnagle/ Double Hook Set with Snell Knot/ Lines for Billfish.
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The Best of Leftys
Tips, Tactics, and Techniques for Fly Fishing
This video provides quite a few useful tips ranging rod and line selection, to useful fly selections for different species, to 30 second short exerpts on Lefty's personal favorite tackle items (e.g. folding canvas bass lure holder for holding large flies) and equipment fixes/hacks (e.g., adding a piece of leather on bottom of reel for an extra manual reel drag), to several casting techniques and tricks, to how to rig up the fly rod when walking between fishing spots so you won't snag up the trees. However, with that said, it is overall quite slow and monotonous with next to no on the water techniques for finding and catching fish, any fish let alone different species of fish. The only fish caught that i can remember were of smallish bass when Lefty was demostrating how to release fish, how barbless hooks won't loose fish, and how to cast around an obstacles on the stream.
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