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Saltwater Fly Fishing
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The Clouser Minnow is the king of saltwater flies. Here are several articles on fly tying the Clouser Minnow: tie the Clouser by Tie1on, Fish BC, Clouser, and Fly Anglers online

Tying the deceiver: reel-time and striper surf

Saltwater fly tying: Branhams saltwater fly tying,

Maintain your saltwater fly fishing gear

Every saltwater fly fisherman wants to cast longer and more accurately -- saltwater fly fishing simply demands it. You become a better caster by first, learning good technique, and then second, by practicing it. Good fly casting techniques articles are found at: Flyfisherman casting basics and fly casting including a good write up on the double haul


Chasing Silver
A Tarpon Journey
Now you can own the nationally acclaimed TV series that cinematically chronicles the most irrational (and most addictive) act in angling: hooking and landing a tarpon on a fly-rod. Includes all episodes of the acclaimed 4 part mini-series. About two hours of fishing action and special bonus features. "The bar has been officially raised for fishing entertainment" --Jim Bartschi, President, Scott Fishing Rods. About two hours
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Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting
A new breed of fly fishing videos
This is Lefty's newest DVD on fly casting. He's developed some new exercises to help you become a better caster and a variety of casts that will help you in certain fishing situations. The DVD has an optional 2nd angle viewing on most demonstrations to give you a better understanding on how your body motion affects the motion of the rod and line.
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Good Trout Fishing Links

Link to Saltwater Fly Fishing MagazineFly Fishing in Salt Water - Magazine
Link to Saltwater Fly Fishing MagazineReel-Time - The Internet Journal of Saltwater Fly FishingMagazine

LinksFisheries and Wildlife by State
LinksMore good saltwater fly fishing links

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