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Striped Mullet (Mugil cephalus) are know by numerous names such as black mullet, pop eyes, and finger mullet. They make excellent live bait when small; they are called finger mullet. When larger they are often used as strip bait.

There are many recreational fish that like Striped Mullet. In certain areas there are runs of this baitfish and will drive recreation fish such as bluefish, trout, stripers, and drum crazy.

Striped mullet tend to school (swim together in groups) for protection from predators in the daylight hours. When you find a school they are typically easy to catch with a cast net. There are many ways to rig mullet for fishing.

Bay Anchovy - Anchovy are a major food of almost all predatory fish, making it a key species.

Peanut Bunker

Atlantic Herring - Many of the most popular gamefish are dependent upon herring as a food source.

Spearing / Silversides - The Atlantic silverside is a long, slender, and thin-bodied fish. Silversides resemble anchovies, differing mainly by a smaller mouth. They are favored prey for larger predatory fish, such as mackerel, striped bass, and bluefish, and are frequently birds. Atlantic silversides congregate in large schools that usually consist of similar-sized fish.

Sand Eel / Sand Lance - The Atlantic silverside is a long, slender, and thin-bodied fish. Silver

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