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Hook-n-Line Map/Chart Detail -- f117
Hook-n-Line Maps and Charts are designed for the serious sport fisherman.

F117 Offshore Gulf of Mexico Fishing Map (With GPS)
An offshore saltwater fishing map. It covers areas of the Gulf of Mexico south of Sabine pass to the Mississippi Delta. Oil-Gas platforms and numbered lease blocks are shown for the whole map area. There are over 1300 GPS locations for surface platforms, wells, sunken wrecks, artificial reefs and other underwater structure that provide good fishing for all kinds of fish species.
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Hook-N-Line Map Company prides itself on accurate maps with well marked fishing areas. Working with professional fishing guides, local fishermen, and local organizations, they have defined dozens of productive fishing spots. Important information such as the best fishing months of the year, species of fish caught, and underwater structure has been gathered from our personal contacts. In addition, locations of boat ramps, marinas, and bait camps are detailed with phone numbers and services so you can more easily plan your fishing trips. All this information is shown on each fishing map in an easy to read format. They invite you to compare Hook-N-Line maps with other fishing maps. When you do, you will find more productive places to fish and more fishing information than any other map being sold. All their maps are printed using an offset color printing process that shows very fine detail on special waterproof paper that is not laminated, but flexible and easy to use while you are fishing. This map will last for many years to come!
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