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Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips and Links

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Largemouth Bass Fishing Infomration

Largemouth bass is the number one fish in NC. Largemouth challenging to catch yet catch-able, great to eat, and they are abundant in North Carolina. Every lake will have them and you can catch them from a boat or the shore line. The largemouth fishery is in good shape in North Carolina.

There are four primary baits used for largemouth bass including:

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Stick baits and lures

Plastic baits are "must have" baits for bass and perhaps the most productive.

Spinner baits are also very productive.

Topwater baits may be the first choice to catch big fish. The exact choice is usually related to the weather. When there is wind and chop a buzzbait or a torpedo type lure may be more appropriate to generate a little noise. When water is calmer popper or spook may do and in dead quiet s a minnow imitating plug twitched on the surface with long pauses in between.

Largemouth Bass
Photo Courtesy of USWS

Crankbaits are a little more difficult to choose and to fish. These are most productive around structure such as rocks or stumps and points. I try to choose a color and size that best mimics the current baitfish situation. A dept several feet off of the bottom works well when in 10 to 20 feet of water. Shallow water will require a lipless design.

Each of the above baits are effective when used with most appropriate. Largemouth fishing conditions will change with the season. Below list a rough outline of largemouth seasons.

Spring -- fish are on bed.

Summer time -- fish have moved off their beds to deeper water.

Fall -- fish are bulking up for the winter.

Winter -- fish are nearly dormant and you must get their undivided attention to hook up.

Enjoy catching them. I can be contacted if you wish more information. Again, please check with the "Regulations Digest" or the "Division of Marine Fisheries" to insure you have the right rules before you fish.

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