Largemouth Bass in the Summer
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Summer months can be tough largemouth months. To have more summer success fish deep structure.

The summer months can be considered the toughest in which to catch largemouth. In summer,Underwater structure topo is great to begin looking for deep structure bass move off their shore beds to forage for baitfish schools. Anglers can continue to catch fish by trying to locate deep water structure to fish over. This move can be tough psychologically for many anglers as they have probably scored big at the shore very recently and they don't want to quit a winning strategy.

Good underwater structure maps:

But, you may have to find deep structure. Finding deep structure is easier if you have a topo map. A good topo will show structure including points, old roadbeds and structures, submerged forest, drop-offs and others as well. Any of these deep structures will be good starting places but definitely not guaranteed fish holding structure. I suggest starting near where you have been successful near the shore as the fish will not migrate further than they must. Go to a likely spot and motor all around it looking for suspended fish or even more importantly baitfish schools. Only fishng a hole will show whether there is fishng holding or not.

When you fish deep structure in the summer try to maintain your patience. This type of fishing is feast or famine -- no fish or many fish.

June 07, 2003
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