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East Coast Striped Bass or Striper Fishing

Saltwater Striped Bass (morone saxatilis) or Stripers are one of the East's most sought after recreational fish

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Saltwater Striped Bass (morone saxatilis) or Stripers are one of the East's most sought after recreational fish. Stripers range from Nova Scotia south to the GA/FL border and along the U.S. Gulf coast from the Suwannee in Florida to eastern East Coast Striped BassTexas [A1]. Varieties of striped bass are also commonly stocked in inland lakes, reservoirs, and river systems throughout the US. There are a few sustaining, natural inland Striper fisheries. Also, there are West Coast Striped Bass but they are not nearly as important a fishery as is the East Coast fishery.

There are several strains of migrating Striper. Each strain has its particular behavior but generally follow an annual migration cycle:

Striper or Striped Bass Fishing
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  • There is a northerly, Spring Striper Run. Stripers head north as temperature rise. They begin to actively feed at about 50 F and like to spawn in the low to mid 60's F. Stripers spawn from March/April in North Carolina and move as far north as Massachusetts.
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  • Stripers, and especially large Stripers, do not like water much above 70 F. During the summer they will move to cooler waters including deeper, coolers waters or fast moving waters where oxygen may be higher. A cold front may turn fishing on suddenly and may move baitfish as well.
  • Cooling weather and short days will eventually trigger migration of baitfish. Hungry Stripers will take advantage of this baitfish migration to bulk up for the coming Winter. This is the Fall migration that many, many anglers wait for as it is a crazy pace of fishing along the East Coast.
  • Winter will find the Stripers holding up in the Virginia or Carolinas. As temperatures begin to warm the spawn kicks off and the cycle begins afresh. Major spawning grounds include the Chesapeake Bay, the Roanoke River into the Albemarle Sound, the Hudson, the Delaware river, and many other rivers along the East Coast.

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Striped Bass Flies:
Patterns of the Pros by David Klausmeyer
Learn where, when, and what to use to catch the Worlds most popular saltwater game fish. Striped Bass Flies contains 80 terrific flies used by experienced bass fly-fishing guides from coast to coast. Interviews with each of the contributing guides are combined with complete fly recipes—some with variations—including easy-to-follow step-by-step tying sequences with detailed color photos. Also includes a thorough discussion of fishing for striped bass throughout the range of this popular saltwater gamefish. Full-color throughout: 250 color photos.
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Fly Fishing for Striped Bass:
Masters on the Fly series by Rich Murphy
The average angler can enjoy the sport of fly fishing for the rebounding populations of striped bass as they migrate from the Carolinas to Maine with this practical guide to tackle, casting and retrieving techniques, striper behavior and biology, and habitat-specific fishing tactics. Remarkable close-up and underwater photos of the bass in their natural marine environments, spectacular satellite photos of the coastal waters of New England, and photographs of 33 original fly designs round out the presentation.
$44.95 plus $5.95 shipping
Stripers on the Fly:
A Thorough Guide by Lou Tabory
Stripers on the Fly is the most complete book ever written on fly fishing for striped bass. Its comprehensive advice will help those who already fly fish for stripers, as well as the freshwater fly rodder and saltwater spin angler who want to start fly fishing for this great gamefish that has made such a dramatic comeback in recent years. There is invaluable instruction for the beginning striped-bass fisherman, but also very advanced - and little known - information for the expert. Tabory covers: basic techniques for the striped-bass fly fisher; rod, reel, and line needs for all locations; special equipment; how to read different water types - and how to fish them; what fly lines work best in different situations; the best flies for various times of the year - and special circumstances; the right retrieves for different waters and fly types; how to hook, fight, land, and handle fish; how tides, weather, and time of year affect fishing; special casting tips; night-fishing techniques; beach and boat safety; and much more.
$21.95 plus $4.95 shipping

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Rainy flies are very productive, high quality flies. Rainy is world known as an innovator in the fly tying art. Well worth the money for their productivity. Many anglers and tiers keep these flys as a reference. Good flies.

Rainy's Flies
Saltwater: Bluefish and Stripers Assortment (FL911)
No matter where you are going, if stripers and blues are in the forecast you need this collection. This 12 pack of baitfish and poppers and the most popular and some of our top-sellers for these species. Definitely a time-tested collection of flies! Both traditional and Rainy's Signature Flies are contained in this very nice hard-plastic, re-usable, fly box designed for longer flies. Includes: Rainy's Signature Pencil Popper, In Shore Poppers, Off-Shore Poppers, Bubble-Head, Squid-Sea Streamers, Deceivers, Sand Eel
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