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Spanish Fishing Inshore Waters is discussed including links to where to go, baits and rigs, and other information on Spanish Fisheries.

Spanish Fishing: baits and rigs, and other info

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Spanish Mackerel, or just spanish, Southern Flounder are commonly caught in North Carolina waters. They can be found everywhere off or nearshore and often within inshore waters. Inshore they are easiest to find over grass beds and reefs. Spanish like clear water and I often give up on them in turbid waters. Because of this they fish best in the first light of day and also dusk. They seem especially fond of incoming to high tide. Spanish are warm water fish will come to NC before summer, fish good even in summer, and tail off as it gets cold. Like trout and other fish they are a schooling fish so it may be either feast or famine. The average fish is probably around 20 inches and their range is 1-4 pounds.

Some productive baits:

Spanish love clear water and their eyesight is very good. I rarely catch any with metal leaders although I am tempted to use them because of their sharp teeth. I have good luck with the using Stingsilvers in chrome or gold and some of the reddish colors. Also, the small Hopkins are Kastmasters perhaps the best and maybe the most common. Use 2 ounce or smaller with a fast retrieve. Spanish break the water and I try to fish near the top if I can see this happen. This will be double true in the fall and as it cools.

Please check with the "Regulations Digest" or the "Division of Marine Fisheries" to insure you have the right rules before you fish. Enjoy catching them.

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